Northern Interior Cruising Committee


The Northern Interior Cruising Committee (NICC) was officially formed on April 18th, 1991 with a mandate to:
Promote a level of standards, which is imperative to the proper collection and processing of timber cruise data.
This data is used to determine quality and quantity of timber within a stand and provides key information for a variety of decision makers and is use in the timber appraisal process.

NICC Objectives

The Northern Interior Cruising Committee has several key objectives:

  • To promote the viewpoints of its membership,
  • To promote communication between it’s members,
  • To promote continuing education and training for its members,
  • To promote high standards in cruising, and
  • To promote professionalism within the discipline of timber cruising.

"The practice of Timber Cruising is to provide the best estimate of volume, quality and species composition of the timber resource."

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Northern Interior Cruising Committee